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Original article
Wistar rats immature testicular tissue vitrification and heterotopic grafting
Larissa Benvenutti, Rafael Alonso Salvador, David Til, Alfred Paul Senn, David Rivero Tames, Nicole Louise Langaro Amaral, Vera Lucia Langaro Amaral
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180023

Original article
Testosterone and testicular changes in F1 o spring of Wistar rats maternally exposed to nicotine during gestation
Ibukun Oyeyipo, Damilare Adeyemi, Temilade Abe
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180031

Original article
Expression analysis of genes encoding TEX11, TEX12, TEX14 and TEX15 in testis tissues of men with non-obstructive azoospermia
Parnaz Borjian Boroujeni, Marjan Sabbaghian, Mehdi Totonchi, Niloofar Sodeifi, Homa Sarkardeh, Azam Samadian, Mohammad Ali Sadighi-Gilani, Hamid Gourabi
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180030

Original article
Effects of orlistat on serum androgen levels among iranian obese women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Saghar Salehpour, Sedighe Hosseini, Leila Nazari, Nasrin Saharkhiz, Shahrzad Zademodarres
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180033

Original article
External validation of a time-lapse model; a retrospective study comparing embryo evaluation using a morphokinetic model to standard morphology with live birth as endpoint
Emma Adolfsson, Sandra Porath, Anna Nowosad Andershed
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180041

Original article
Morphology vs morphokinetics: a retrospective comparison of inter- observer and intra-observer agreement between embryologists on blastocysts with known implantation outcome
Emma Adolfsson, Anna Nowosad Andershed
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180042

Original article
Antioxidant defense capacity of ovarian tissue after vitrification in a metal closed system
Eloisa Massignam, Maitê Ferreira, Eduardo Sanguinet, Ágata Dupont, Fábio Klamt, Nilo Frantz, Adriana Bos-Mikich
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180044

Original article
Are age and anti-Müllerian hormone good predictors of ovarian reserve and response in women undergoing IVF?
Juliano Augusto Brum Scheffer, Bruno Scheffer, Rafaela Scheffer, Fabio Florencio, Michael Grynberg, Daniel Lozano
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180043

Original article
Luteal phase ovarian stimulation for poor ovarian responders
Wei Zhang, Meimei Wang, Shuang Wang, Hongchu Bao, Qinglan Qu, Ning Zhang, Cuifang Hao
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180045

Original article
Evaluation of pretreatment with Cetrotide in an antagonist protocol for patients with PCOS in IVF/ICSI cycles: a randomized clinical trial
Maryam Eftekhar, Ramesh Baradaran Bagheri, Nosrat Neghab, Robabe Hosseinisadat
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180039

Original article
Reproductive outcomes of vitrified blastocyst transfer in modified natural cycle versus mild hormonally stimulated and artificial protocols: A randomized control trial
Otoufe Sheikhi, Masoumeh Golsorkhtabaramiri, Sedighe Esmaeilzadeh, Treza Mahouti, Fateme Nadi Heidari
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180040

Original article
Toxic effect of Tropaeolum majus L. leaves on spermatogenesis in mice
Layasadat Khorsandi, Ali Akbar Oroojan
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180035

Motherhood after breast cancer: can we balance fertility preservation and cancer treatment? A narrative review of the literature
Marcia Carneiro, Ana Márcia Cota, Maria Clara Amaral, Moisa Lucia Pedrosa, Bruna Martins, Marcelo Furtado, Rivia Mara Lamaita, Marcia C F Ferreira
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180032

Obstetric outcomes after fresh versus frozen-thawed embryo transfers: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Matheus Roque, Marcello Valle, Marcos Sampaio, Selmo Geber
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi:10.5935/1518-0557.20180049

Case report
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in chromosome translocation 46, XX, t (9; X) (q22; q28) - a case report
Monise Santos, Ivan Henrique Yoshida, Michelli Suemi Tanada, Caroline Zulim, Emerson Barchi Cordts, Caio Parente Barbosa
JBRA Assist. Reprod. - Advanced View - doi: 10.5935/1518-0557.20180034


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